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DADUR, 1838
Lithograph published in Sir K.A. Jackson Views of
Affghaunistcin (London, 1841), plate 5.

Jackson's notes on Dadur read: 'Da[d]ur is a Belochee town, situate in the valley, near the entrance to the Bolan Pass; it contains about fifteen hundred houses and four thousand inhabitants. The plains are well cultivated, but foliage is very scanty, the place being proverbial for its excessive heat. The very characteristic tomb of an opulent native, who was murdered in the defiles of the Bolan Pass, is an attractive object on approaching the town. It was this town which was sacked by Nusser Khan, whilst the British forces were in their entrenched camp, at about a mile distance.

Dadur, 1838
Entrance to Bolan Pass from Dadur, 1839
The opening into the narrow pass above the Siri Bolan, 1839
The approach to the Fortress of Quetta, 1839