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'Kalat (or "the City," in the Beloochee dialect) is a town, in the Ghiljee territory, surrounded by hills, and was the residence of Mehrab Khan, chief of a clan of Ghiljees. It contains between three and four hundred houses, and is exceedingly well fortified with mud walls. The citadel, though presenting a formidable appearance, from its towering height, offered but a fruitless resistance to the science with which it was assailed. The fortifications of Khelat were erected by Nusseer Khan Beglerbeg in 1750, at his own expense. He formed many gardens in the valley, and stocked them with fruit trees from Caubul; he afterwards made presents of them to the most deserving people, and also gave rewards for the finest fruit, grain, etc. ... The sketch from which the accompanying drawing is made, was taken by an officer of Engineers.'
Kalat, 1838
A view of Kalat, 1840
Another view of Kalat, 1840
Kalat, 1878
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