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Street scene of Lahore, 1855
Delhi gate, 1920
Mosque of Wazir khan, Lahore, 1854
Mosque of Wazir khan, Lahore, 1864
The entrance of Mosque Wazir Khan, 1889
Aitchison College had been founded by Sir Charles Aitchison in 1886. After an initial consideration of the mausoleum of Jahangir at Shahdara as a possible site for the College, the College was located on the main Mall Road (now the Shahrah-i-Quaid-e-Azam). The design for the exterior of the building was submitted jointly by J. Lockwood Kipling and Bhai Ram Singh of the Mayo School of Arts at Lahore (now the National College of Arts), and the plan for its interior by Col. Swinton Jacob, Chief Engineer, who also designed the Sandeman hail at Quetta.
This particular sketch was used for the invitation card to the foundation stone laying ceremony of the College, held on 3 November 1886.
Aitchison College, Lahore, 1886
Punjab Club, Lahore, 1920
This building, according to the excellent guide by Thornton and Kipling. 'was hastily constructed for the Punjab Exbition of 1864, and was not intended to be permanent; but want of funds has prevented hitherto the erection of a more suitable structure'. At its entrance stood the famous cannon Zamzama, which was brought there from its previous location, near the Delhi gate.
The exhibition displayed both 'specimens of the antiquities, arts and manufactures' of the Punjab and specimens of 'its raw products, vegetable, mineral and animal'.
The building is still in use today, as the Tollington municipal market.

Punjab Exhibition building, 1864
Lahore Twon Hall, 1893
Incorrectly captioned as a 'tomb of an Ameer of Scinde', this engraving illustrates the tomb of Ali Mardan Khan, on the outskirts of Lahore.
Ali Mardan Khan, the Governor of the Punjab under Shah Jahan, died in 1657. He was responsible for the construction of the canal that brought water to the famous Shalimar gardens at Lahore

Tomb of Ali Mardan Khan, Lahorem 1857
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