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Portraits of Pakistan

Chowkwandi Tomb

Tomb Near Karachi


Located inside Lahore


A beautiful Valley of Swat


Beautiful pic of Hunza Valley in spring, some snow coverd mountains can be seen from here

Nagar Valley

As seen from Karmabad. The Karakurum highway & the river Hunza seperates the Hunza & Nagar Valleys

Tomb of Quaid-e-Azam

Tomb of Quaide-e-Azam (The founder of Pakistan) located in Karachi

A waterfall

A waterfall crashing down a sheer rock face

Mosque Bhoong

Interior of Mosque Bhoong, Sadiqabad

Mosque Wazir Khan

Miratet of Mosque Wazir Khan

Hirna Minar

Built by Emperor Jehangir in memory of his pet Antelope in 1607. The circular tower is 103 feet(31) meteres high.

Suspension bridge

A modern suspension bridge spansout from Chitral fort on the banks of Sutluj river. In 1985 a British garrison was beserged here for six weeks during an uprising

An ancient steam

Train passing slowly from Bolan Pass

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