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Road to Muree

A sharp turn at Muree road

Kite Seller

Kite seller from Lahore displaying kites of eye catching colours

Tomb of Shah Rukhn-e-Alam

It is the second largest dome of the world and a unique piece of Architecture

Hunza Valley

Astounding view of Hunza Valley at Karimabad

Harvest Season

Farmers beams with joy as he sees his crop in full bloom


A unique peak, 25,660 feet (17785 metres) high

Hidden Peak

26,470 feet (8,065metres) and 9th highest in the world

Passu Cones

A unique mountain of Pakistan


A beautiful waterfall, some animals are gazing at the sharp edge of the hilly surface

Misghar Valley

Beautiful view of Misghar valley

Unique Rock

An intresting site for tourists and photographers

Mustard Field

Mustard field around Hassan Abdal

Rice Fields

Rice fields along Karakurum Highway around Batram section

Wild Unab

Wild unab grows along Karakurum Highway in Gilgit-Hunza section

A crashing waterfall

A crashing waterfall as seen along Karakurum Highway