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View of Lahore, 1846
Lahore fort and Badshahi Mosque, 1870
View from Sheesh Mahal of Lahore Fort, 1878
The smadhi of Maharaja Ranjit Singh, Lahore, 1870
Interior of Badshahi Mosque, 1870
The Hauri Bagh Pavilion, located in the small quadrangle between the Badshahi Mosque and the massive Alamgiri gate of the Lahore fort was built in 1818, using carved marble panels appropriated from Mughal tombs in and around Lahore
The Hazuri Bagh Pavilion, 1870
The Taxali Gate which provided ingress into the city from the Western side was close to the site of the old royal mint
The Taxali gate Lahore, 1865
The Naulakha pavilion - 'naulakha' means nine lakhs and has been traditionally regarded as being the cost of the pavilion - stands on the west side of the square in the Sheesh Mahal section of the Lahore fort. Made of ornamented marble, the graceful sloping design of the roof of the pavilion is an echo of the style of roof associated with Bengal. The pavilion is datable to the reign of Shah Jahan.
The Naulakha pavilion in the Lahore fort, 1870
Lahore Gate, 1900
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Lahore gate, 1917
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